Data warehousing and business intelligence

Since the inception of MSC the primary focus of the company has been the design and implementation of the data warehousing and business intelligence solutions. Having completed over 40 successful implementations we have developed a core set of technologies and methodologies that can assist any organisation in the development of a comprehensive and robust data warehousing and performance management environment.

At the core of all our data management solutions is our data management Framework, which has been developed for the Insurance industry. This has evolved, over many years and many successful implementations, to be the market leading data management solution of its kind for the insurance industry.

The Framework comprises a range of data models, methodologies, templates and business focussed components that address the core requirements of an insurance data warehouse and management information environment. These have been designed, and refined, following successful projects throughout the industry, so they have been verified by business and technology users as being fit for purpose.

The Framework is designed to deliver a robust and scalable technical platform alongside a flexible and business focussed user interface. This ensures that our solutions are business led, rather than pure technical deliveries, and build on the experience of many years of insurance expertise and understanding of our business and technical teams.

The extensible design of the Framework allows new products and source systems to be added to the solution without changes to the underlying models, allowing each business to build on these core capabilities to accomodate new and future business requirements. As far as possible the Framework is designed to future proof your investment.

The core components of the Framework can be summarised as follows:

  • ETL - templates and patterns for the Extraction, Transformation and Load of source data from core transaction processing systems. MSC has experienced many of the industry standard TP systems and has exisiting proprietary code that can reduce the effort and risks associated with the ETL process, often the most challenging part of any data warehousing project.
  • Operational Data Store and Data Warehouse models - we have a series of established data models for storing Insurance data in an efficient and flexible way. These vary from simple Data Mart based solutions to full incrementally loading ODS and warehouse models. The nature of the organisation will determine the most appropriate solution, and our consultants can assist in architecting the most efficient solution.
  • OLAP cubes for analysis - we have developed a range of industry standard analytical cubes that provide the source for flexible analysis and drill down. These can be queried by a range of 3rd party tools, including Excel.
  • Dashboards and scorecards - through prior implementations we have developed a range of templates for delivering high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and analysis views delivered via a range of business function specific dashboards.
  • Structured reports - a range of standard transaction based structured reports tailored to meet the generic requirements for Insurance performance monitoring. These have been refined over many years to deliver a core set of initial reports for any warehousing implementation.
  • Portal deployment - for most successful data warehousing implementations the key is the delivery of an enhanced User experience. MSC has developed a comprehensive user interface (UI), delivered through Microsoft Sharepoint, for surface analysis, reporting and KPI information, via a user friendly web navigation experience.
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