Public Sector


Moore Stephens has a long and successful track record of working with public sector organisations, providing technology services and solutions to enable them to meet the challenges of providing better public services, improving public safety, enabling easier access to accurate information and meeting and reporting on key performance targets.

We have provided a range of services encompassing business analysis, bespoke systems development, mobile applications, reporting and analytics solutions to many central government departments, but primarily to large metropolitan emergency services such as the London Fire Brigade.

With the need to provide consistent improvements in the levels of service provided to the public, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to define, measure and act upon key performance indicators. This is especially true for the emergency services, where measures such as the reduction in the numbers of deaths caused by accidental fire are critical in assessing the performance of the Fire services.

Working with London Fire Brigade, Moore Stephens has developed StARS an integrated personnel management system for fire and rescue services.

In addition, Moore Stephens has been working with the emergency services in London to provide robust and efficient methods for assimilating and interpreting the significant amount of available data, so that personnel at all levels can easily see how their efforts are making a difference to public safety in the capital. Using reports, dashboards and scorecards the performance against all key performance indicators can be seen and readily understood. For more information on our BI capabilities go to Data Warehousing and BI.

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